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Meet the Team

Meet the members of the Burrard Massage Therapy team. We have a great group of registered massage therapists working relentlessly to provide the best service. We know that at the end of the day it is all about patient satisfaction and our reviews speak for themselves.

Shem Sharifi


Shem is a part time college instructor of massage therapy and a health care giver of 6 years.

Kristin Kofsky


Kristin has experience treating a wide variety of general conditions that can be treated with massage therapy.

Fei Li


Fei Li has accomplished 2800-hour accredited Massage Therapy program.

Katina Brooks


Katina understands that each individual is unique and that the treatment must reflect that.

Geneva Manilova


Geneva combines two disciplines together to provide a well rounded approach to addressing her patients’ needs.

Jason Cuthbert


With Jason’s past experience, he is well equipped to handle your therapeutic needs, whatever they may be.

Kokua Laureta


He loves how much massage therapy can help with achieving goals of physical wellness.

Barbara Bourne


Barbara is available for Massage Therapy appointments to help you today.

Kiri McGuire


Kiri is an experienced therapist that is happy to help you today.

Edward Yao


Edward hopes to share his experience with others and ensure everyone remains injury free.

Helen Wang


Helen enjoys working with new patients, and looks forward to your well being.

Paul Jeung


Paul’s believes learning is a lifelong process.

Patient Reviews Are the Driver of Our Success

If you have been a happy client of ours, please take the time write a quick review for us.

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