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Insurance Benefits for Massage Therapy

You’ve Got Massage Therapy Benefits!

Now, what does that mean?



You’ve worked hard throughout your life to get yourself into a position that allows you access to the much sought after prize of extended benefits. Now, what? How do you turn your elusive benefits package into a tangible massage therapy appointment, and more importantly, how do you claim these treatments and get your hard earned money back into your account where it belongs.

To help you out, we’ve researched the reimbursement process for registered massage therapy (RMT) with a couple popular insurance companies.  You might notice repetition in some of the steps listed, and that’s due to the majority of these companies creating a simplified claiming system to make it easier for you, the consumer. We hope this will make utilizing your well-deserved benefits less ominous so you can enjoy your treatment without worrying about your finances.

Many people assume that a doctor’s referral is required in order to book a claimable massage therapy appointment. This is false. In reality, the only thing required for you to book a massage therapy appointment is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and an available slot in their schedule. Doctor’s notes are commonly only needed for ICBC and WorksafeBC claims only. Extended health benefits allow you to come in for treatment anytime you like and for any ailment you have.

Once you have booked and received your treatment you’ll pay the full price of the massage treatment for the time allotted and will be given an official RMT receipt. This piece of paper is your proof to the insurance company that you did, in fact, receive and pay for the treatment.

Online Submitting

            Many companies have a process for online submitting. If we haven’t created a step by step guide for your specific insurance broker, fear not! The process is very similar for each company. With online submitting, you go to your insurance broker’s website and sign into your plan with your plan number and password. You then complete your claim form, and send in your claim virtually.  While you are not required to mail in your receipts with your claim, you are required to keep your receipts safe, and send them in only if requested. This method of submission is instantaneous and you are generally done filing your claim the second you hit the ‘send’ button!


With Sunlife Vision Insurance following 2 easy steps takes only a few moments, and allows you to send your claim in online. What’s the benefit of this? Your payment will be directly deposited into your bank account within 48 hours of clicking ‘send!’

1: Make sure you’re registered for online access by either visiting or by phoning in to 1-877-SUN-LIFE (1-877-786-5433). You will need to know your policy number (037000) and ID number.

2: Sign in and submit your claim! They’ll ask for the practitioner’s name and medical registration number. 

*Keep your original receipts.

To keep yourself organized at the tap of a button, check out the Sun Life Mobile app and you can submit your claim before you even leave your practitioner’s office!

Need more information or have some quick questions? Call 1-877-SUN-LIFE or visit for some answers.


1: Register to the online website , make sure you’ve got your policy number and ID number handy. 

2: Fill out a few tidbits about your claim to double check that you can, in fact, submit your claim online. Things they’ll want to know about the claim are if it’s through WCB or ICBC. 

3: Sign in and submit your claim! They’ll ask for the practitioner’s name and medical registration number.

*Keep you original receipts.

For visual learners out there, check out this fantastic video Bluecross has released on the simplicity of online submitting: