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Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back Pain is a common disorder which involves pain and discomfort along the lumbar region and Sacroiliac region of the back. Pain in the lower back often is associated with musculoskeletal regions like muscles, ligaments and nerves, and the interverteberal discs or articulation where the spine stacks on one another.

Lower back pain can be acute or chronic. Pain in an acute stage is commonly related to sudden movement in a twisted range of motion while lifting an object and it can also be caused by an impact or sports injury. Chronic lower back pain can be caused by biomechanical systems, muscle imbalance, inflexibility, work ergonomics, and pathology like degenerative disc disease. Symptoms like shooting or referral muscle pain, walking, sitting and or standing up can apply to common types of lower back pain.

Muscle strain is the most common cause of lower back pain and that is often due to sudden unnatural or violent movement and can easily create an over stretch or possible minor or major tear in the muscles, or fascia and ligaments that are involved with stability and kinetic  movement of our body.

Nerve root irritation is another common cause of lower back pain and its symptoms are quite pronounced and pain can refer down to lower extremities and it can become debilitating. In cases of nerve root irritation it can also lead to muscle spasm, tightness and guarding in the effected region.

Facet joints are the joints at the back of each vertebra the hold the vertebra together. These joints enable the back to twist and bend but if strained by a sudden jerk it can cause severe back pain known as Facet joint lock syndrome.

A nerve root irritation is a intra vertebral disc protrusion that rubs or causes pressure on the nerve root of its segment.

Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, and other immunological diseases that can affect the musculoskeletal system can also cause contribute to our lower back pain.

Some non- medical conditions like being overweight, having bad posture and muscle imbalance are also the causes of lower back pain. For example, muscle imbalance – if the hip flexors are tight and erector spinae  muscles are weak, a stretch can apply stress on the skeletal structure and can lead to lower back pain.

The causes of lower back pain and these prevention tips will surely give you a better understanding of different factors that lead to backache and the various measures that can be employed to avoid them. Hence, with proper lower back exercises, a balanced diet and body mechanics, you can keep your back trouble free throughout your life.

Registered Massage Therapists of BC are well trained professional and have learned through their intense training how to assesses and find the cause of your lower back pain. They are also able to make a differential diagnosis of what can be causing the pain primarily and the secondary cause of discomfort.

Registered Massage Therapist of BC also have vast training with manual therapy techniques  and are able to alleviate the pain on the effected region by treating the compensatory muscles and bring some relief to the area. RMT’s are also well trained to give proper and specific stretching and strengthening exercises and other modalities like hydrotherapy application.

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