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How Can I Survive Long Office Hours WITHOUT Neck and Shoulder PAIN?

Sitting in front of a computer all day restricts your blood flow and results in muscle contraction and knots.  This can be prevented by following these easy steps:

 Posture – Lower your chair so you are looking up at your screen, not sitting like a turtle.  Keep your screen at least 30-50cm away from your eyes.

 Stretch – Every 2 hours or so, do these stretches. Try to hold for 20 seconds each:


1. Neck – tilt, Rotate your head right & left.  Bring chin to chest and hold, and then look up.


neck stretch for office workers









2. Arms and Back – clasp hands, push up and hold. Stand up, arms up, bend at waist to right & left.

arm and back stretch for office workers











3. Chest – put you hand behind your back on your hips, pull your arms back & up, hold.

pectoral stretch for office workers