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Pillows And Neck Pain

How are they related

If you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck or excruciating neck pain, it’s probably because of the pillow that you slept on. Headache is also a consequence of neck pain, and caused because of the wrong pillow. That is why your pillows and neck pain are related so strongly to each other. So, it is so important that your neck is supported well as you sleep.

Why is it so important to select the right pillow

A great pillow supports your neck and head, which gives your entire body the deep rest that it craves for as you sleep. Your neck has the most vulnerable parts of your body, such as the spinal cord, jugular vein, carotid artery and throat. It is important to get proper support for the neck as without proper support, the tissues can break down causing damage to the neck. A great pillow, such as an orthopaedic or cervical support pillow, helps to remove the pressure sustained by the shoulders and neck, offering a perfect alignment and support to the neck. That is why selecting the right pillow is so important.

The Perfect Pillow for the Right Sleeping Posture

You may prefer to sleep on your back, side or stomach. It is important to keep this in mind when you’re in the market for a pillow. A great pillow is designed to assist you to sleep soundly in the sleeping posture of your choice. We discuss the best sleeping postures and the right type of pillows to choose for each of these postures.

The Best Sleeping Posture

The best sleeping posture is to lie straight on your back, which balances your neck, head and spine in perfect alignment as you sleep. This posture helps greatly in reducing your neck and back pain. It is best to purchase a puffy pillow for this as you should be careful enough to avoid propping up your head too much, while at the same time keeping your head and neck well supported.

The Second Best Sleeping Posture

Sleeping on the side is a great posture for pregnant women. Even for others, it helps reduce chances of neck pain and back pain. Further, it elongates the spine. If you’re in the habit of sleeping on the side, it is best to purchase a really thick pillow, as it fills up the space above your shoulders and keeps your neck and head well supported.

Sleeping Postures to Avoid

Sleeping in the fetal posture has to be avoided as it is a big cause of both neck pain and back pain. But if you’re in the habit of sleeping in the fetal posture, use a really thick pillow, the thickest that you can find.

Sleeping on the stomach also causes serious back pain and neck pain and should be avoided. If you’ve a habit of sleeping in this posture, then you should be using just one pillow and a thin one at that.

Selecting the Perfect Pillow

Selecting the perfect pillow is about selecting one with the perfect thickness that is most suitable for you keeping your sleeping posture in mind. Traditional pillows are made of foam and not ideal for your neck. You should choose orthopaedic neck pillows such as millet pillows, buckwheat pillows or cervical pillows for providing your neck the perfect support.

While selecting a pillow, you should pay close attention to the structure and design, and whether this takes into consideration the contours of the body. You should look for additional functionality and benefits, such as – is the pillow as good for back pain as it is for neck pain?


Picking the right pillow is so important as a good pillow can make the difference between waking up with neck pain or not. It is equally important to get your sleeping posture right – sleep on your back or on the side. A combination of the right pillow and the right sleeping posture is certain to make your neck pain a thing of the past.

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