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Aisling comes to the physiotherapy profession from a successful 12 year competitive and professional dance career. She believes it is this unique background, combining both athleticism and art, that has given her a strong foundation in human movement analysis. She utilizes this skill in conjunction with the scientific background of physiotherapy to inform diagnosis and treatment.

After studying a bachelor of Human Kinetics in Vancouver, Aisling moved to Ediinburgh, Scotland to complete her physiotherapy degree in 2011. Aisling has been living and practicing in Vancouver in private physiotherapy clinics as a member of the BC College of Physiotherapists since 2012. She has completed post graduate courses that include a certificate in medical acupuncture/dry needling, as well as kinesiotaping, sports first aid, and International Dance Medicine conferences. She has a special interest in clinical biomechanics and injuries to the lower limb; however treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal areas and injuries.

Aisling strongly believes in aiming to identify the underlying root cause of injury of pain and typically uses a combined approach of manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture and specific exercises prescription to restore her clients to optimal recovery.

To book an appointment with Aisling, please call the office at (604) 569-3483.


45 Minute Sessions: $90

Techniques Use

 Medical acupuncture/dry needling
 Joint mobilization
 Exercise prescription
 Ultrasound therapy and TENS therapy
 Myofascial trigger point release
 Muscle Energy Techniques

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