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Hand Press (Cobra pose)

Hand Press: The basic of all press-ups, hand press involves raising yourself on your palms and toes, while facing heavenward. Remember to push with your hands and not raise your body. This stretch will help to open up your hip flexores and abdominal muscles. (looking up should be the last part of the pose)

Lower Body Raise

Lower Body Raise: Lie flat on the floor, rest your arms by your side, lift your lower body up balancing your weight on your shoulders, arms and neck. use your core muscles and squeeze your gluteus muscles together to stabilize you pelvic as well,  Hold position for a 3-5 second and repeat 6-8 reputation.( this exercise could also help with lower back pain due to muscle imbalance in the region)

Stretch of the day

Back Press: This exercise has two steps, step one involves bending your back to face the ceiling and it has to be followed by a swing action wherein you have to face the floor. This stretch will help you to release tension on your lower back muscles,hamstring, calf muscle. (  Don’t forget to breath)

Deep tissue Massage therapy

 Deep tissue massage therapy involve slow, deep, and prolonged pressure strokes on the contracted area, and friction across the grain of the muscle. This breaks up the scar tissue from previous injury, loosening the muscles and improving mobility. Getting a deep tissue massage helps to untie knots in a muscle and the deeply held tension in the muscle. Deep tissue techniques used through controlled strokes breaks up scar tissue and nodual (Trigger points), allowing the flow of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the affected area. It is especially beneficial for people with osteoarthritis and for athletes, as it helps in relaxing muscles and improves blood circulation. Deep massage also helps treat issues like fibromyalgia, Scare tissue, muscle cramping (chronic stage) and more.

Trigger point therapy

trigger point therapy, also referred to as trigger point massage, involves concentrated kneading process executed predominantly by the fingertips. The pressure points are massaged and triggered in the right manner, so that the vulnerability and sensitivity of the muscle tissues is reduced. It also is effective in treating spasms in muscle tissues in which one may suffer from a throbbing pain or a simmering pain that refuses to go away.

Poor Sitting Posture


Sitting hunched over your computer at work or over the steering wheel in your car puts stress on your spine and the muscles between the shoulder blades. This can cause back or neck pain, or exacerbate it if you already have it, says Dr. Gross. Poor body posture also has been linked with headaches, jaw pain and other forms of chronic or recurring pain.

Solution: If you work at a computer, sit with your upper back against a firm, supportive chair, a hollow in your low back and your thighs parallel to the floor. Make sure your computer screen is at eye level and situated so your head stays in a neutral position (not tilted, turned or flexed). Be sure to “get up and move around every 30 minutes,” suggests Dr. Gross. “Our bodies are not meant to be in any one position for too long.”


What is Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage therapy is different from a spa treatment. A relaxation massage generally uses classic Swedish massage therapy techniques. The therapist will apply certain amount of pressure, according to the client’s preference and give a relaxing massage. Such a massage can be done at a day spa, or at a resort. Certain treatments like a scrub or a mud pack can also be combined with this relaxing massage.

Therapeutic massage therapy, on the other hand is used to help the patient get rid of a chronic illness. For therapeutic massage the set up can be in a clinic, hospital or a private practice. The patient will be asked questions regarding their health. Once the complaints are noted down, the doctor and the massage therapist will design a therapeutic massage therapy which uses advanced massage techniques, that help to get rid of pain and chronic health related issues. In the beginning, the patient might require many sessions of this alternative medicine therapy which may last a few weeks or months.

Stress and Massage Therapy

Stress Reduction and relaxation: ( the main treatment by Massage therapist)

Stress is defined as the body’s non- specific response to any demand made upon it (Selye,1974). stress is not a disease but can contribute to ill health.

causes of stress are: emotion, Pain, excessive intake of stimulant, pathology and environmental exposures.

Massage therapy has a positive impact on a person with stress. it will reduce cortisol level  which it is an indicator of  sympathetic nervous system firing. it also increase awareness of tense area in the body which causes the anxiety level and stiffness. Massage therapy also helps with relax posture and better breathing.

Shoulder Pain and Neck Pain

One of the main causes of shoulder and neck pain is a poor posture. If a person is working on a computer for a very long time with his back and neck bend or generally sits with a slouch, he can experience pain in both these body parts due to it.

An injury to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck and shoulder region can cause pain in and around these structures.

Broken collarbone, rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, injury in the shoulder blade, tendonitis and whiplash injury i.e., injury to the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder can all cause pain in these areas.

 Massage therapy could help to increase range of motion of shoulder and neck, loosing the tight muscles around the effected area and reduce pain from a causing structures.

Massage therapist are also trained to give you some feedback for your work ergonomic and how to stretch and strengthening your upper shoulders and neck muscles..

Craniosacral Massage Therapy

Craniosacral massage is used as a therapy to relieve many pains and disorders. This therapy was introduced by an osteopath William G. Sutherland in the early 1930s’. Craniosacral massage works on the system known as cranio-sacral system. This system consists of soft tissues and bones of spine, pelvis and of course cranium (head).

Craniosacral massage is considered to be a very gentle massage, which is done with the pressure equivalent to the weight of a nickel. Sometimes, the spinal fluid in the body gets blocked due to injuries, shock or emotional imbalance. This massage helps to remove the blockage and maintains the flow of the spinal fluid through the nervous system and other parts associated to it. Other major organs get help from this and regain their normal process. It is said to work on both physical as well as psychological aspects.

Craniosacral massage therapist gently massages your body including the bones, spine, pelvis, skull and soft body tissues, and allow the spinal fluid to flow in a natural manner. It improves the resistance power of the body, functioning of the nervous system and enhances overall health. Following are some of the disorders in which craniosacral massage is considered to be very effective:

  • In pain and injury like, accidental injury, sports injury, muscle strain, etc.
  • Headache or Migraine
  • Chronic back pain and neck pain
  • Insomnia
  • Sinus problem
  • Fibromyalgia
  • It is also very effective in curing traumatic stress disorders and emotional stress.

Craniosacralmassage techniques are specially meant for the people suffering from the above mentioned disorders. It is advised to consult your doctor before going for any such massage, as you can face some problems. Apart from all the above mentioned information about craniosacral massage there are many controversies and criticism by some of the osteopaths and MD’s from around the world. There are lack of evidence for:

  • Existence of “cranial rhythm”
  • Existence of “cranial bone movement”
  • It is controversial that cranioscaral massage provides a therapeutic benefit
  • Link between the cranial rhythm and disease