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Currently on maternity leave until TBA

As an RMT in downtown Vancouver for Burrard Massage Therapy, Kristin Kofsky graduated in 2010 from the Utopia Academy 3000 hour massage therapy program, and she brings with her fresh knowledge and new ideas in regards to her massage therapy treatments and home care recommendations.

Kristin has experience treating a wide variety of general conditions that can be treated with massage therapy, including: headaches, whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome, piriformis syndrome (pseudo-sciatica), tennis/golfer’s elbow and other repetitive strain injuries, general/chronic pain, pregnancy massage, and poor posture/work ergonomics.

Techniques Used

Myofascial active release
 Trigger point release
 Swedish techniques
 Deep tissue
 Postural and ergonomic Awareness
 Neuromuscular techniques
 Active and passive stretching
General relaxation
Pregnancy Massage
Postnatal Massage (c-section scar treatment, etc)

Languages Spoken