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Minki graduated from Vancouver Career College of Massage Therapy in 2017. Before, he received a diploma on Raynors Technique of Therapeutic Massage in 2008 and attended the Tibetan Medicine Training Course by Beijing Tibetan Medicine Hospital in 2011 and completed the course in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2013.
Minki has ten years of experience working as a health practitioner at a spa, a multidisciplinary clinic and a hospital in Canada, China and Korea. He always work together with his patients to achieve a short and long-term goal for treatment.
Minki never stops learning — he strives to continue his study to become a better therapist for his patients.

Techniques Used

Myofascial release
 Trigger point release
 Joint mobilization
 Muscle energy technique
 Deep tissue massage
 Craniosacral therapy
 Soft tissue release
Active/passive stretching

Languages Spoken