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Paul’s journey in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began in 1990. He studied oriental science and philosophies under the direction of an elder Buddhist monk who was a master acupuncturist and highly esteemed for his work in TCM. It was in this Korean monastery, the sacred SeoKwang Temple, where Paul worked as an apprentice alongside his master. Together they worked on a voluntary basis, caring for and treating poor and elderly people. With his strong desire to help people in need and seeing the profound results TCM offered, Paul was encouraged to continue with his endeavours.

After many years of study in Korea, Paul relocated to Canada and formally pursued his career in TCM. Paul is now a fully licensed and Registered Practitioner of TCM and Acupuncturist in British Columbia. He has been an active member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of BC and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of BC since 2005.

Although he treats a wide range of conditions from chronic pain to infertility, he has found his niche in the area of cosmetic and weight loss acupuncture along with herbal remedies.

Over the years, Paul’s treatment style has evolved as he strongly believes learning is a lifelong process. His treatments are well-rounded, using all means available to overcome barriers to his patients healing process, whether they are physical, energetic or spiritual. Paul firmly believes that healing is a co-creative process and works with patients to achieve their optimal health.

Paul is fluent in English, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish

To book an appointment with Paul, please call his number at (778) 240-7591 or the office at (604) 569-3483.


Initial Session: $90
Follow-up Session: $80
Package 6: $390 ($65/session)
Package 10: $550 ($55/session)

Techniques Use

 Cosmetic and weight loss acupuncture
 Herbal remedies

Languages Spoken