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Haley T.
I always enjoy my treatments from Jason! I go every month and it is very relaxing definitely recommend trying it out.

Jame L.
I had an excellent experience with Edward Yao! His initial assessment helped to target my areas of discomfort. I spend quite a lot of time weightlifting at the gym so having a massage really helps with my mobility. I would definitely recommend him.

Cassandra K.
I genuinely cannot say enough good things about Shem. He is kind, authentic and extremely talented at what he does. I only like to support business owners who I personally like and Shem is no exception. As an RMT myself I tend to critique other therapists performance however with Shem I would not change one single thing. I personally do not like deep pressure and I find that he has excellent instincts in terms of utilizing a pressure for me that is effective as well as very pleasant. I always feel great after our treatments and I will definitely be continuing to see him once a week for a while.

Thank you very much Katina
Angela F. says: Katina gave me a fantastic massage and greatly improved the knife like pain I had in my back. Very professional and very effective. Thank you.

I’ll Be Back

Scott B. says: I went for a first appointment with Kristin for 60 minutes and I will definitely be back. Before the actual massage I liked the consultation we had and felt heard and listened too. Lucky for me I am in relatively good shape so the massage purpose is to add self care and relaxation and I got that at Burrard Health Centre Massage Therapy INC.


Aimee A:
I got a treatment from Tiana for some back pain and she was fantastic. She taught me some stretches to do as well so I could continue to work out the muscle tightness after the appointment. Wouldn’t hesitate to return. Thanks!

First Massage
Philip S :
Thank you to Brendan, my back and shoulders were so relaxed and supple after the massage. I felt great from head to toe.
Shem can accomplish wonders!

Colleen W :
I am a patient who has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for more than 40 years and now have some significant disability, resulting from deteriorated joints. I have had extensive physiotherapy and RMT treatments over the years, but none were as effective as my first treatment with ShemShem maybe can’t totally “fix what is broken”, but he can restore mobility and alleviate pain. I recommend arthritis patients avail themselves of his services and find out for themselves! Visit to remember.

Alevtina G :
It wasn’t my first visit, but this time it was a visit to remember! Came in with a sore neck and headache , left without it! LOL, neck was still on. Shem is a magician. I was very happy with instant relief. Stopped taking pills the same day. will be back again.

Fantastic massage!
Liz H : 
Came in to see Shem and left with a new neck! After many issues with range of motion with my neck, Shem‘s knowledge and expertise improved my neck with just one treatment! I will be back…

Ron C :
I have been seeing Shem over a number of years. As an older client I have had the opportunity to see other therapists here and in other cities. In all honesty Shem is far superior to any other therapist I have visited. His knowledge, diagnosis and technique are superb. No need to go to anyone else. I will be back.

Praise for Shem
Jana K :
I have been treated by Shem quite a few times during last several years. He not only provides excellent massage – he does much more. As he appears to have perfect knowledge of the human body and the muscles, he uses “custom tailored” methods of treatment for different problems. He explains, what he is doing and why, and advises about exercises which you can do at home to maintain the benefit of the treatment and continue to improve. Honestly, as long as Shem is available, I would never go to another massage therapist. I greatly recommend him to everybody.

Simon’s magic hands changed my life!
Betty F :

My neck was so sore, I had difficulty moving my head from side to side. After one session with Simon, I felt like a new person, my pain had disappeared – no more sore neck, nothing.
I would recommend Simon to you anytime, he is a gem!

Amazing hands Simon
Otis W:
I’ve been having some lower back pain and I went to see Simon. He was amazing, one of the best I’ve ever had! I will be back.

Simon At Burrard Massage Therapy
Linda L:
I had a great treatment with Simon and I felt much better. Simon is very knowledgeable with his work , I would definitely book  with him again.

Caring RMTs
Cheryl K :
Kristin explains what methods she’s going to use and we discuss my areas of concern on each visit. It’s a very relaxing, caring environment.

Shem is Magic!
David T : 
I’ve been going to Shem for a few years & he is absolutely the best RMT there is. Some of my most enjoyable moments are my massages with Shem. I am constantly amazed by his talent of finding my knots & sore spots that even I was unaware of. You’re the best!

what did i think of my visit on august 7th


Thomas Q:

i came to you because your location suits me better than the place where i usually go, plus the person i usually go to was on holiday for another week
i liked being able to make a booking through the internet, but when i went back a few hours later to adjust the time of the appointment, the system seemed to be much clunkier, in the end i left the appt. for what it was.
i was in a great deal of back pain and i was very pleased that within 10 mins of the session, Shem had identified why and he was actively figuring out a plan of attack.  He was very professional.  the session was good for me
i am already recommending you to other people.

Best RMT in town
Colleen S :
I’ve been to many RMTs for my neck and shoulder pain but Shem is the best RMT I’ve been to. He relieved me of my pain in my shoulder area and knows exactly how to treat my pain. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Massage with Shem
Karina M :
The massage was great. Shem really focused on the sore areas of my back and let me know what he was doing and why during the treatment which I appreciated. I will be back.


Chantelle  DL :

Thanks again Shem. You really got me feeling better after my bike wipe out!

Massage with Shem
Salma L:
Shem, you are the best, there is nobody else who can take away the dull ache from my neck and right shoulder like you do.I have tried acupuncture, candling, more …, nothing works as well. I know I can count on you to make me feel all better.

Highly Recommend

Penny N :

I had a massage with Shem prior to going on a 14 hr flight. I have chronic neck and back pain. He relieved my headache and gave me a lot of freedom of movement in both my neck and back, so the flight was fine. Highly recommend.

Excellent evaluation and treatment session
6/6/ 2012

Theo :

Shem is very knowledgeable and professional. Significant difference in neck and shoulders already. Thanks and see you next time.

A learning experience..
Carol F:
Thank you Shem! I wish I had found you sooner. I felt great right after my appointment and even better the next day. My shoulders thank you. For a sports type massage it was excellent……I will see you again soon. C.

Great appt
Danka A :
I am very happy to have been referred to this massage clinic. Not only is it at a convenient location for me but I was very happy withKristin‘s service. She is very knowledgeable and explains things clearly. She also gave some homework exercises which is always beneficial. Highly recommended!! Thanks.

Great time!
Alex C :
I thoroughly enjoyed it. My therapist was very nice. Her touch was the perfect pressure for me and exactly to my liking. Hard but a good hard. So tired of therapists that tickle me ¾ of the way into the massage because they tire out, Kristin was 100% all the way. After, she gave me some tips to live more ergonomically well and a great stretching example. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Looking forward to the next one.

Kristin puts you at ease
Cheryl K :
Kristin puts you at ease.

It is not only massage
Jana K :
If you are looking for a very good massage therapist, you don’t need to look any further because you have just found him. If you have a problem, Shem uses in addition to massage various treatment methods to help you. He has excellent knowledge of the human body – the bones and muscles. Once you provide all facts about your injury, he determines what treatment might help you; just check the “treatment” section to see all. With Shem you got a feeling, his therapy is not just a job for him but he appears really wanting to help. If you come just for a good massage, without any specific problem, you will get it and you will leave the office feeling great.

Left Feeling Better

Shem provided an incredible treatment; he addressed my concerns and also intuitively fixed other problems. I left feeling better, and looking forward to another treatment. After trying a number of RMT`s in Vancouver, and always leaving disappointed, I am happy to have found Shem.

Best I’ve ever seen.
Larry E : 
I benefit greatly from massage therapy and Shem is among the best I’ve ever seen. He can pinpoint problem areas with uncanny accuracy. I always leave his office feeling better.


Juanita : 
I am so relieved to have found a professional, knowledgeable, and talented massage therapist: Shem does incredible work! I finally have hope for relief from pain and good advice on how to care for my body.

Great Massage
Jaco R : Shem is a great therapist and listen to your body’s needs and identify the problem spots throughout the massage and focus on these areas. I went for a general massage which was apparently a good change for Shem who normally get request to focus on problem areas. He is very professional and welcoming.

Very happy
Mayumi I : 
Shem is very knowledgeable. He worked on my shoulder&neck and was very painful at the time, but feels very good later. I love good painful massage. He also told me that my weak core is contributing to my back problem. I will do the exercise that he taught me and hope to work with him to get pain free healthy body!

Best Massage Ever
Elena D : 
Shem’s massage helped me with my chronic insomnia and fatigue caused by my stressful work. It is not only an immediate stress relieve, it brings the system back to balance, increase energy and vitality. Incredible!

Shem is the best
Mat H : 
Shem began treating me for a shoulder injury….That’s over 4 years ago. He is simply the best.

Christine K :
I found Shem by accident after my back went out and I’m so grateful that he was able to treat me. He was, quite simply, amazing and I’ve recommended him to a number of people already. I can’t say enough good things about him.

Kim C:
I often have massages at registered therapist at home. Attended this clinic while on holiday and suffering from back pain. Excellent service and educational information offered during a very good massage. I recommend anyone going to visit Shem. [Kim Connell, Mayerthorpe, Alberta]

Kristin J : 
The most relaxing and painful (good pain) massage I’ve ever had. Always look forward to it! thanks Shem!

Relief at last!
Larry E:
My first massage with Shem was very good. The next day, I woke with less stiffness and pain. I’ll definitely be back and have already recommended him to someone else. Everything about his business appeals to me: the online booking, quiet music, as well as his demeanor and knowledge.

Whittney S.
Whittney S:
Shem is a great RMT, he knows what he’s doing and I always feel better after an appointment with him. He really knows how to get into those deep spots! I look forward to each massage because I know I’ll feel better when it’s over! Thanks

Jana K : 
My first appointment with Shem went very well – in fact, it exceeded my expectations. I chose this RMT randomly when searching for massage therapy located in downtown Vancouver; I feel lucky as I am sure I made the right choice. Shem appears to be very knowledgeable about human body and its functions and has excellent knowledge of his profession. More than that, he is using various additional techniques such as physiotherapy, so his treatment is a complex of treatments he considers to be most helpful for the individual problem. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody.

Joy M: 
This was the first massage I have ever had where after walking out of the session, I instantly felt improvements in my problem areas. It was great and definitely worth it! I recommend Shem to anyone who is needing help with their joint/muscle problems. It was such an awesome session that I have recommended him to my husband! Thanks Shem – looking forward to next session!

New Beginnings
Steve T :
 A really great first session with Shem. He brings such knowledge to the table, literally. I just moved from out East and was afraid I wouldn’t find a therapist who knew my body well. Shem has already made me feel like we have been working together for some time. I look forward to the next sessions to come.

Ron C.
Ron C :
Shem is undoubtedly one of the best this city has to offer. His treatments are truly innovative and he uses his education to his clients’ advantage. He is very in tune to what is required by me and tries various techniques until results are reached. Super!!

What a feeling!
Orly D :
I had just recently a back to back appointments with Shem and I am more than impressed by his techniques and his professionalism. I am a very fortunate to be able to just walk across from SPH and have a nice one hour therapy.:) Thanks –OBD

Hella I : 
Shem really is unbelievable – perfect. Better than all the doctors I went to. The mixture of massage and physio is very unusual for a massage clinic. It works, I was able to cut down on my pain medication. He knows every nerve and bone in a human being and is able to explain what is wrong and how he is going to make things better. Thank you.

Highly Recommended
Sydney C : 
All the discomforts on my back were gone after the first visit. He is very genuine and professional. Shem, you are one truly amazing therapist!

Shawna Z: I’ve never felt better! And the appointment making process was SO EASY. love it

Shem to the rescue !!!
Clare V : 
As always, Shem sorts out my neck and back, or wherever the aches and pains are. He’s by far the best Massage Therapist I’ve been to. I’ve recommended him to several friends and colleagues, and they are all very pleased with the treatments. He has a great personality too…. Highly recommend his services.

Shem is a Genius
Lianna C :
Always grateful for Shem’s help and advice. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and awesome therapist.

Always worth the trip!
Allanj F : 
I always feel a lot better after every treatment. The long trip to Shem’s clinic is always worth it. Very highly recommended to anyone looking for a massage therapist!

Massage by SHEM
Grace C : 
Thank you Shem, I haven’t felt this relaxed in years! Your technique is the best and leaves one totally calmed. This is the best massage I have had in years, and I go weekly!

I’m a new regular!
Chantelle L:
I’ve been to a few massage therapists, but none of them compare to the quality of treatment that I received from Shem. He used great techniques and seemed to genuinely care about my health and well being. I would definitely recommend him to others and plan on returning regularly.

Zoe M. says: As always, fantastic. Every time after the treatment I feel like a new person!!!!!The best therapist ever!

Best therapist I have ever been to. Don’t go anywhere else till you have at least tried Shem!
Tom C :
I was in for a one hour session for some lower back pain and as always left feeling amazing. All the small pains, tightness and stress I went in with were gone and I felt as relaxed as if I had been on vacation. Shem is an amazing therapist and I would recommend him to anyone without a doubt. His skill and knowledge will take care of your physical side and his great personality will definitely put you at ease and even make you laugh as he eases the pains away. Can’t recommend this man enough.

The very help I need
Yue C : 
The treatment was most helpful, and I have been trying to use the techniques to improve muscle strength by myself, it works well.

Noel D: 
Fantastic might be the best way to describe how I felt walking out. I have/had renewed movement and range. I will happily recommend you to anyone looking. Thanks again.

Johanne N: Thanks so much Shem!!!

Thank you
Bradley H: The massage was incredible as always. Have a great time at Manning Park and see you on the 2nd.

Melinda B : I was very impressed and would certainly recommend you to others.

Massage With Shem
Bryan S: Hi There, I had a great relaxing massage yesterday with Shem. I will definitely be back and will be sending my husband to see him as well. Thanks.

Massage Therapy – The only way to go.
Herb J:
I look forward to the energetic work-over that I receive with each visit. The treatments have given new life to the tired and stiff muscles and eased or removed the pain from some chronic sore spots. It’s well worth each session just to come away relaxed and comfortable.