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Therapist Shem Sharifi graduated from the West Coast College of massage therapy, one of the best schools of its kind in North America, in 2006.  Given years of experiences working in health care field and his passion for massage therapy, he as decided to pursue a career in this arena. Shem is now a part-time college instructor of massage therapy.  He work together with clients to reach their health goals and also enjoys helping clients with special needs.

“As an athlete, I am fascinated with the human body, its movements and its muscles, and as such, my goal as a massage therapist is to provide the best possible therapy so as to make my clients pain free leading them to enjoy the quality of life that they desire. My palpation skill usually allow me to understand the density and pliability of the skin, fascia and the more superficial muscles, thereby allowing me to apply the most appropriate and beneficial technique.”

Techniques Used

ICBC MVA (Whiplash)
Myofascial active release
Trigger point release
Swedish techniques
Joint mobilization
Muscle energy techniques
Deep tissue
Postural Awareness
Craniosacral Therapy
Muscle energy techniques
End Range loading
Kinesio Taping KT1 & KT2

Languages Spoken